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Reviews are organised by decade – artists are filed under their most successful or prolific decade.

1960s Album Reviews

Rock and roll launched in the 1950s, but in the 1960s the rock LP as an art-form came into its … Continue Reading 1960s Album Reviews

Stevie Wonder Fulfillingness First Finale

1970s Album Reviews

The 1970s are beloved by music nerds; artists in a variety of genres cranked out a 40-minute album every year. … Continue Reading 1970s Album Reviews

Husker Du New Day Rising

Punk and New Wave Reviews

Rock music underwent a revolution in the late 1970s. A new generation of acts arrived, often stripping their sound back … Continue Reading Punk and New Wave Reviews

Kate Bush The Hounds Of Love

1980s Album Reviews

The 1980s often get bad press, but they were full of great music. Admittedly, many acts from earlier eras struggled … Continue Reading 1980s Album Reviews

Radiohead OK Computer

1990s Album Reviews

Because I was a teenager through the 1990s, my relationship with the decade’s music is a little different; I’d probably appreciate … Continue Reading 1990s Album Reviews

2000s Album Reviews

The first decade of the 21st century feels like my home territory – I spent my teenage years in the … Continue Reading 2000s Album Reviews

2010s Album Reviews

As time has gone on, music has splintered further into sub-genres. Technology has allowed anyone with the inclination to make … Continue Reading 2010s Album Reviews

2020s Album Reviews

Less than 6 months into the decade, it’s already been eventful. A global pandemic and #blacklivesmatter protests have already created … Continue Reading 2020s Album Reviews

New Zealand Music

As a New Zealander, this site’s naturally biased towards New Zealand artists, so I’ve collated them all onto one area … Continue Reading New Zealand Music

Christian Contemporary Music

I don’t listen to much Christian music – most modern worship sounds like Joshua Tree-era U2 to me, while I … Continue Reading Christian Contemporary Music