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Acclaimed Music

I enjoy the Acclaimed Music of the top 50 artists based on albums –

This is what I’ve covered from their top 50 artists:
Already have a page
1 The Beatles
2 Bob Dylan (in progress)
3 The Rolling Stones
4 David Bowie
6 Neil Young
7 Bruce Springsteen
8 Radiohead
9 R.E.M.
10 Led Zeppelin
12 The Velvet Underground
13 Elvis Costello
14 Pink Floyd
16 Tom Waits
17 Van Morrison
18 U2
19 The Beach Boys
23 The Clash
24 Talking Heads
25 Stevie Wonder
31 The Smiths
35 The Byrds
37 Joni Mitchell
39 The Band
40 Pixies
42 Arcade Fire
43 Roxy Music
44 Brian Eno
46 Wilco

Have enough albums for a page, and planning to cover them:
11 The Who
15 Prince
20 Jimi Hendrix
26 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
28 PJ Harvey
29 Kanye West
30 Sonic Youth
32 Marvin Gaye
33 Beck
41 Public Enemy
45 Kraftwerk
47 Björk
49 Michael Jackson
50 Frank Zappa/The Mothers of Invention

Interested, but haven’t heard enough yet
5 Miles Davis – so many albums, and I’m not confident of writing and judging jazz. In A Silent Way is amazing though, so I might do a little page on his fusion stuff sometime.
27 John Coltrane – same as Davis, it’s an intimidating discography.
34 Lou Reed – I don’t think I’ll ever manage to cover more than his 1970s’ prime – I’m bored by acclaimed late career albums like Magic and Loss and New York.
36 The Doors – I have their debut and am giving them a chance.
38 Beastie Boys – haven’t ventured beyond the Sounds of Science compilation and 1989’s Paul’s Boutique.

Not really interested
21 Nirvana – I’ve given them a few chances, but I don’t enjoy listening to them. I’d rather listen to Husker Du or The Replacements or lots of the other 1980s alternative bands that did similar stuff first.
22 Bob Marley and The Wailers – I used to have all of Marley’s major label albums, but found them a chore to sit through – Legend is great though. I like his pop side, not his militant side.
48 Elvis Presley – seems like a singles kind of guy?

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