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Welcome to Aphoristic Album Reviews, where I discuss highlights from the last sixty years of popular music. I write album reviews, highlight my favourite albumsblog regularly, and make lists.

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Seventies Swedish superstars

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd

Added the post-Roger Waters era

Erika de Casier

Erika de Casier

Smooth and (currently) Danish

Albums Ranked From Worst To Best

What’s Tom Waits’ least impressive album? What’s Kate Bush’s best record?

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Music Quiz: Famous Albums Badly Drawn

For most of the week, it looked like ‘Advance Australia Fair’ was going to ring around the medal ceremony. A late entry from Rich Kamerman turned out to be the fastest time, just pipping Bruce. Congratulations to everyone who participated.…

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10 Worst Songs of the 1980s

When I was a teenager in the 1990s, the 1980s were often reviled as the decade that taste forgot. But I think this list is far less heinous than the 10 Worst Songs of the 1970s – the corporate vibes…

10 Worst Song Lyrics of All Time

Unless you’re Leonard Cohen or Gil-Scott Heron, lyrics in popular music are a secondary concern. Normally I’m happy to bop along to the music, and don’t mind if the lyrics aren’t profound. But sometimes the words are too jarring too…