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2000s Album Reviews

The first decade of the 21st century feels like my home territory – I spent my teenage years in the 1990s catching up with the 1960s and 1970s, so the 2000s was the first decade that I actively engaged with new music.

The 2000s saw music splintering further and further into different sub-genres – it’s harder and harder to find consensus favourites. Acts that I enjoy and would like to cover include M.I.A., Spoon, and Phoenix.

Arcade Fire

For a band, there are essentially two different career trajectories for a recording career. Like Radiohead or The Beatles, you … Continue Reading Arcade Fire

The Decemberists The King is Dead

The Decemberists

The band most likely to win a Scrabble tournament, The Decemberists hail from Portland, Oregon, and are notable for flaunting their … Continue Reading The Decemberists

The Hold Steady Boys and Girls in America

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady were formed in New York, but vocalist and lyricist Craig Finn was raised in Minneapolis, which a … Continue Reading The Hold Steady

LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem blurred the lines between electronic and rock music in the 21st century. Murphy’s original career plan … Continue Reading LCD Soundsystem

Jenny Lewis

When Jenny Lewis released her first solo album in 2006, it was her third high-profile career. She’d already enjoyed success … Continue Reading Jenny Lewis

The New Pornographers

Canadian indie pop band The New Pornographers took their name from a 1966 Japanese anthropological film, The Pornographers. The term … Continue Reading The New Pornographers

Josh Rouse

Nebraskan born singer-songwriter Josh Rouse grew up inspired by British bands like The Smiths and The Cure, and his music … Continue Reading Josh Rouse

Sigur Rós

Iceland’s most famous post-rock band  is named after the sister of singer/guitarist Jónsi Birgisson, who was born on the same … Continue Reading Sigur Rós


Sufjan Stevens

One of the most consistently fascinating musicians to emerge in the 21st century, Sufjan Stevens is nominally an alt-folk artist, … Continue Reading Sufjan Stevens

Gillian Welch

Americana artist Gillian Welch was born in New York and adopted by a pair of comedy music entertainers. Welch later … Continue Reading Gillian Welch

The White Stripes Elephant

The White Stripes

There are many examples in popular music of stripping away the superfluity and getting back to basics, but it doesn’t … Continue Reading The White Stripes

2000s Miscellany

This page collects miscellaneous reviews for artists who don’t have their own page. Coldplay | David Gray | The Mendoza … Continue Reading 2000s Miscellany