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Music Quiz: Famous Musicians Re-Imagined as Squirrels

Congratulations to John from, who scored the fastest time in last week’s 1980s Music Video Quiz.

This week quiz involves squirrels:

The pictures are adorable, and the clues are often funny. I do think it’s pretty easy so it will turn into a speed contest. I spent 12 seconds trying to remember the name of AC/DC’s lead guitarist, so count me out. I solved the 11 questions in 1:01, but I’m sure someone who doesn’t have a temporary mental block will beat me.

In other news, R.I.P. to Straitjacket Fits’ Andrew Brough, who passed away a couple of days ago. He was one of my favourite NZ musicians, although Straitjacket Fits never quite capitalised on the unique alchemy between Carter’s edgy rock and Brough’s pretty voice and chiming guitar. Here’s Brough’s most famous song, 1990’s ‘Down In Splendour’, voted New Zealand’s #32 best song in a 2001 poll.

28 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Famous Musicians Re-Imagined as Squirrels Leave a comment

  1. 10 of 11 – I agree with the comments on the pop star – doesnt really belong with the others. Gave up since I would never have gotten him. Also spend some precious time trying to figure out how to spell SRV’s last name!

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