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Music Quiz: Artist by Badly Drawn Song 2000s

Congratulations to Jamie from, who pipped Rich for the fastest time last week.

This week we’re back to badly drawn songs. This week it’s the 2000s:

I’m not quite as confident in the 2000s as in earlier decades – I didn’t keep up with radio during that era. But I somehow scraped to 18/20. Can you beat me?

In other news, the Olympics are hopefully starting this week. New Zealand’s such a small place that almost everyone is vaguely connected, but one of our biggest medal hopes is Lisa Carrington, who’s already won two gold medals and a bronze in previous Olympics. She’s a distant cousin, so I’ll be cheering for her.


  1. I gave up pretty quickly. I know a couple of the artists but this one is hopeless. The only band I might even remotely care about or whose songs I might know are Kings of Leon. If you need any more proof that rock is no longer king, check out that list.

    As to your cousin, good for her. That said, if I were the IOC, those Games would have been postponed.

    • I’m not huge on most of those acts either, but it does seem like a good cross-section of popular stuff – not the quiz makers fault.

  2. SCORE
    12/20 And this one doesn’t bother me by doing bad… I was lucky I got this many just from the artist name…in fact I’m kind of impressed.

  3. 7 of 20 – a number of them I didn’t even recognize the song or artist and a few the clue was so “badly drawn” didn’t get it.

    cool about your relative in the games – hope she does well!

  4. all correct w/ 1:26 left – I got like 10 of them then it was just process of elimination, got lucky I suppose. The most difficult one, although I know of the artist’s songs pretty well, was the Lady Gaga one, I just didn’t see the correlation between the image and the song.

  5. Bowing out with 19/20 – I guessed The Fray one even if I couldn’t name a single song of theirs, had it down to 50/50 on the last two and blew it on the Carrie Underwood one.

    • Great effort – I got Underwood because country songs are more likely to be about religion and/or cars.

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