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Weekly Music Quiz: Debut Albums

Congratulations to Rich and Aaron who both scored full marks last week (and apologies to any late entries – I posted this in advance, as I’m on holiday).

This week’s quiz requires you to guess the debut album by the tracks on the back.


I scored a credible but beatable 18/20 – what can you score?


  1. Scored a lowly 16/20 this week. Had the first 9 easily, then stumbled on #10, made a quick recovery & then stumbled on three in a row near the end. Eventually came back around to #10 when I noticed the years for each album. Seeing the answers at the end made it clear that I was never going to get those other four. I love these quizzes, especially when they’re challenging like this.

  2. Credible yes, beatable at least for me, no – I’ll join you at 18!
    I was delighted to see my artist of the week from this week make an appearance 😀

  3. I don’t know how (aside from owning half of these) but I managed 20/20 on this one. I think it’s because Pon De Replay always struck me as such a bloody stupid line that I only remembered it for that reason too

  4. I gave up or just plan ran out of time trying to spell the artist who sung “girls wanna have fun” name right, dyslexic can be a pain in the ass sometimes! So I think quizzes are not my thing at all, sorry dude!

  5. 17 this week. Time ran out, but I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten any of the remaining 3. Pretty pleased with that, though.

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