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Music Quiz: Album Covers by Description

Winter is coming in the northern hemisphere, and 2loud2oldmusic celebrated by scoring the only 20/20 in last week’s quiz, nailing the Ne-Yo songs everyone else missed.

This week you need to identify the album cover by its written description.

I scored 15/15 with 3:32 remaining – I like how it included an illustrious and recently departed guitarist.


  1. 12 and I’m feeling pretty good about that. I would never have guessed the three although the I saw the answers I knew them immediately, how annoying

  2. Another poor score – 8/15. I wouldn’t have done much better with the images either, except Talking Heads and Black Sabbath I would have got with pictorial help.
    For the record I got Abbey Road, Atom Heart Mother, Who’s Next, Nevermind, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground & Nico, London Calling and American Idiot. I just don’t know heavy metal or rap.

  3. 13 – knew the group of the cow album, but not the name. And I guess I never paid attention to what was on the cover of the Ozzy & co. one.
    I appreciated the man with the clock around his neck clue!

  4. That was fun and challenging! – I’m better with pictures I think. A measly 7 I’m embarrassed to say – several I knew artist but couldn’t pull the album title out.

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