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Music Quiz: Mini Acrostic Puzzle

Congratulations to kingclover, who scored the only 100% score in last week’s finish that album quiz.

We can continue on with that series sometime, but here’s a complete the lyrics/acrostic challenge. You can use the acrostic puzzle to help, but if you can complete all the lyrics you’ll be able to finish the quiz without it.


I scored 100% with 2:11 remaining. Can you beat my time?

I loved reading this story about Robyn Hitchcock this week:

Robyn Says: I found myself interested in R.E.M. because of the way they’d been influenced by British acts like Gang Of Four, Wire, and what I was doing years ago in The Soft Boys. Peter and I hit it off when he came across and borrowed a cat from me for the entire tour. It wasn’t that he loved cats: he was insecure and wanted something to remind him of home. He wanted to hire the cat, but I just lent it out. In the end the cat came back — which was a good job because it wasn’t mine to lend — and we grew to be friends.

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          • We have anti vaxxers here too, but not so widespread. But it was clear this one was unexplained and needed tracking down, so closing down the country made sense. We’ve been able to live pretty normally for the last 15 months since the last national lockdown.

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  1. 88/158 but I had no clue on how to fill in the blanks. i started typing in the box and random letters on song titles would fill in. Not well-constructed to type in letters, so this quiz was a wash for me.

    • You have to solve all the bottom lyrics to fill in the top. But figuring out the top can help you get lyrics on the bottom.

      • I understand that part. What I didn’t understand was how to skip ones I didn’t know. If I typed the whole next answer in it would go, but if I tried to go back to the previous one and fill it in I had no way of knowing how to toggle back to it. I tried it again last night and the same thing happened. Oh well. Onward!

  2. Aha! I’m not really a lyrics-minded kinda guy, but between the few I knew on the bottom end, and my meager pool of knowledge regarding the internet’s favorite rich and dulcet baritone-voiced ginger on the top end, I netted 100% with 4:38 left! Granted, a lot of this was just filling in what seemed to make sense up top as it came together.

    Hitchcock’s a cool dude and seems pretty down to Earth.

  3. This took me a while to cotton on to once I rattled through those I knew. Ended up solving the top puzzle which filled in the blanks below. Great challenge, had just 58 seconds left though

  4. I think I got the worst score of anyone here. If the topic had been eurodance music of the ’90s I might have fared better. Or if it was run-of-the-mill general pop music. ANYTHING but the esoterica. I love esoteric music but the names go in one ear and out the other. I don’t know why it doesn’t stick? Can someone apply some flycatching paper to my inner ear?

    — Catxman


  5. 154 of 158 when the clock ran out. I really enjoyed that since couldn’t get all the lyrics and so used the acrostic puzzle. I liked that there were multiple ways to get to the answer. Literally another second or two and I would have finished.

  6. I’m terrible with lyrics. I got 70/158 and stopped at 4:11 to go. I’d honestly have to Google the right answers for the ones I didn’t know. I mean, I know most of those songs, but not the words it wanted.

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