Music Quiz: David Bowie Through The Years

Congratulations to Tony (https://mumblingabout.com/), who narrowly defeated Murphy’s Law in last week’s Aphoristic Album Reviews Part 2 music quiz.

After an epic 50 question last week, this week’s quiz is a little shorter. There are 10 different shots of David Bowie throughout his career – your task is to match the image to the year.


I scored 9/10 – I found it gets tough in the middle years (the golden years?). Can you beat me in your knowledge of Bowie’s Sound and Vision? Let me know your score!


  1. 9/10 for me too. I got stumped between ’93 & ’99 but the others were obvious to me. Considering my multi-part Bowie series in 2011-2012 was the most visited of anything I’ve written, and also my favorite revisited catalog, I really should have gotten 100% this week.

  2. 10/10 with 1:40 left on the clock! I have spent pretty much every day of the past several years listening to him, talking about him, and looking at the big framed picture of him on my wall though…

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