Music Quiz: Musicians with a US President II

Congratulations to Tony, whose 24/25 in last week’s Famous Albums Badly Drawn Quiz was a clear winner.

This week you need to identify the musicians pictured with US presidents.

I only scored 20/30 – I’m not very good at facial recognition. The balding musician who looked a bit like Jack Nicholson was driving me crazy, but lots of people got him wrong even though he’s extremely famous.

In other news, I just heard that a guy I knew in my late teens passed away. He was always a very talented musician, but I’d never heard the album he made in 2013. This song sounds great to me – great chord progression and he was a very good vocalist.

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  1. 25/30, of those I missed I wouldn’t have been able to put names to faces even with twice the time. I seem to recall a photo of Gerald Ford playing golf with Eddie Van Halen too

  2. 26/30. There were three girls who I didn’t know who they were, and Ariana Grande threw me off because Bill Clinton was sitting there, so I thought it was from the 90s. And I didn’t know who that rapper was.

    • Bill Clinton looked a little too interested I thought…. I was confused by that too, as she was born after he became president.

      • My first impression was that it was Ariana Grande but then I thought it couldn’t be because Clinton was there, so I started guessing Jennifer Lopez, Selena and anyone else I could think of with long dark hair in the 90s. And finally I just went with my first impression, and it was right all along. But I had no idea at all who all of those blond girls were that were really young. I was guessing all these long-forgotten 90s teen stars like Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore and even Reese Witherspoon. Didn’t get any of them right.

  3. Not this American. 23 of 30. Missed several of the females. Agree that Elton John looks nothing like himself. Was Ariana Grande performing when Clinton was President, or perhaps that was a photo of him post President?
    Shame about the musician you knew when younger. I agree he has a great voice

  4. 25/30 with 1:44 left. One I’m embarrassed I didn’t know, kept guessing Cab Calloway. Sorry to hear about the passing of a friend. I like the sound of the song you have included.

  5. 20/30. Obviously there were several more contemporary ones who I didn’t know, but. am really annoyed with myself for not getting GC, DR and an aged JM and CS.

    AG, CU, ‘LW and KC I just haven’t got a clue about. I could have guessed at LL but TW I strangely din’t recognise. She looked too buxom.

  6. 17/30

    I did horrible! And honestly, I didn’t even recognize by name most of the ones I didn’t get right. I am gonna guess this was one of those cases when not being American put me at a disadvantage.

  7. 29/30 for me. The only one that stumped me was the rap/hip hop artist pictured with our previous president. I knew his name but couldn’t recall it for this quiz. Otherwise I flew through it with no issues in just a couple of minutes.

    Sorry to hear about the guy you knew who passed away. I’ll check out the tune you shared soon.

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