Music Quiz: #1 Song to Artist Matchup, 1972

Congratulations to Max Badfinger, who scored 27/30 on last week’s trivia quiz. This week you need to link the 1972 song to the artist.

I scored 20/22. Can you beat me?

There’s a lot of 1970s cheese on the list, outweighing the classics from Bill Withers, Al Green, The Temptations, Roberta Flack, and Nilsson. Even the great Chuck Berry wasn’t immune.

In other news, I was saddened by the passing of Mimi Parker. Her partnership with Alan Sparhawk in Low was beautiful and profound. They were still making great tunes, like ‘Days Like These’ from last year.

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  1. I turned 6 years old in 1972 so I remember hearing a lot of these songs (good and bad) on the radio back then and many times since then. That explains my score of 22/22 with 1:32 left on the clock. I expect at least a few others to do it more quickly but I’m happy with my performance. As for Low, they’ve slipped under my radar but I know they’re highly regarded, so I will check them out soon.

  2. I figured Rich would be my only competition. Got ’em all. Easy-peasy. 1:40 left. Don’t know if that will be the fastest but there it is. And yeah, there’s some real cheese on there. (When did “Sometimes When We Touch” come out again?)

  3. SCORE
    01:27 this one was in my wheelhouse…not as quick as the rest but I got them. Of all the great songs Chuck did…

    That is sad…I don’t know much about them but that song sounds wonderful.

      • There was actually only two that I think are bad songs and unfortunately those just happened to be the very worst songs by two otherwise fantastic artists, Three Dog Night and Chuck Berry. Otherwise I love everything there especially Michael Jackson’s greatest record. Seriously!! Ben is his greatest song.

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