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Blogging Community Question: Review Requests

Hi everyone!

Occasionally my blog receives requests asking me to review albums from emerging artists. The rhythm of my blog isn’t really set up for this at the moment, so I’m wondering if any fellow bloggers would like to be listed on my contact page as potential reviewers.

If you are interested let me know what genres of music you’re interested in and how people can contact you (like a link to your contact page), and I’ll list you. I only get roughly one request a month, so don’t expect an avalanche of requests, but let me know if you’d like to be listed.


  1. I get more requests to review stuff than I can handle. This, perhaps, due to my (irregular) new music revues. But I get stuff all the time, only some of which rises to the level even of average Spotify quality.

    • I do a monthly new album review (working on it right now actually). It feels like a noble aim to help unsigned acts, but at the same time, this is a labour of love, and if I spend too much time working on music I don’t love, I feel like I’ll just burn out.

      • Agreed. But also who can say that you (or I) won’t find new music we love? If I get new submissions, I only go with ones I really like. Also to your point it might give a new act some advantage. And lastly, I only do them every couple of months. So it’s not a big effort on my part.

  2. I get the odd request. I’m generally always happy to discover new music and share my thoughts, so feel free to add me there.

  3. I get at least 1-2 every day. And I laugh as they generally say…”I read your blog and I thought this would be great for your site…the artist is rap or EDM” Yeah…they didn’t read my site!!!

  4. I’m interested in being added to the list of reviewers. 🙂 I specialise in rock reviews, particularly anything that is inspired by classic rock or anything retro: disco, ska, blues, jazz, R&B, soul, etc.
    From time to time I get review requests, maybe once every couple of months. I’d be happy to hear from more bands.
    I’m always happy to talk to new bands and it’s interesting to get their perspectives.

  5. I’d love to contribute. This is a great website and I love to write about music and artists. I’m already learning things on here. But my time is all taken up preparing to publish my Story about the upcoming Music Revolution that’s coming soon. So my hands are full right now. 😃

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