Music Quiz: Margaritaville Clicky-oke

Congratulations to Tony, who scored 20/20 in last week’s Badly Drawn Albums quiz.

This week you need to complete the stanzas in Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Margaritaville’.

I’m not a particular fan of Mr Buffett, and only scored 18 of a possible 21. You can probably beat me!

You may also enjoy this clip on The Beatles’ Revolver that’s done the rounds on Twitter this week.

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  1. 7/15 before I gave up. The link goes to a Time Magazine Cover with Musician quiz, not The Buffster. Also lol on that magazine article about Rubber Soul.

  2. The link you posted brought me to something about Time magazine. Not that it much matters anyway as I am no Margaritaville scholar. Jimmy Buffett is worth at least half a billion US due in no small measure in parlaying that song into an empire. We actually own Margaritaville beach chairs.

  3. I wouldn’t say that Revolver is useless like this guy says, but I always thought it was a step down from Rubber Soul too. I just never felt like most of the songs were as good. About half of them are, but half of them aren’t. There’s more good ones on most of their other albums.

    • It’s my favourite Beatles album. I think a couple (Dr Robert, maybe I’m Only Sleeping) are a little weaker, but still their best hit rate overall. And the early dabbling with psychedelia is fun.

      • Can you believe that I think even Help and A Hard Day’s Night are better than Revolver? I’m serious. Yes I agree that the psychedelia on Revolver is fun, but to me it’s just a warm up to Sgt. Pepper. It sounds a little clunky compared to Sgt Pepper and Magical Mystery tour.

  4. I know Margaritaville by heart but there was two lines that were almost the same and I picked the wrong one. They’re exactly the same except one of them starts with “But” and the other one doesn’t. And I got it wrong. Lmao.

  5. I keep forgetting to look at my score and time. I don’t know why I keep doing that. But I think I got 19/21 and 90% or something.

  6. 21/21 with 2:41 left on the clock. It helps that this is one of the songs my wife & I play at home in our ukulele-and-percussion duo. For many years I only had the single-disc Buffett compilation, but when I wrote about him in my “Compilation or Catalog?” series I got a number of recommendations, and I’ve since become a much bigger fan. There’s a lot of great material in his catalog.

  7. Never heard the song so logging a stinker in at 14 on pure guess work – judging by some of those lines I don’t think I’m missing anything by now knowing the song.
    You know many scholars believe that that review marked the beginning of the end for the Beatles? Their desperate attempts to regain The Overlanders’ approval and to write songs they’d be willing to cover lead to an immense amount of pressure that caused cracks in their relationships. I think Lennon even directly attributed his heroin addiction to seeking refuge from the mental pain that review caused.

    • Yes, the Beatles were shite and everyone knew it. Lennon and McCartney used to hang around the Outlanders flat begging for any scrap of a song they could steal. Rumor has it that the Overlanders wrote the entire Abbey Road album and the Not-so-Fab-Four nicked it.

      BTW, you never heard “Margaritaville?” Wow, to this day it’s inescapable here on classic rock radio. Buffett has his own channel on satellite. Whenever my wife and I go to one of those little seaside places where there is a guitarist who sings for the crowd over in the corner, I always refer to him as Jimmy Buffett. Buffet has built an empire on that song. There are literally Margaritaville resorts.

  8. BTW, I can definitely appreciate what the Overlanders said about ‘Revolver.’ An absolute piece of crap as is everything the Beatles did after that. But the Overlanders? Who doesn’t want to STILL see them? Why, I’d like to hear them do… and then of course there’s…..

    Where would music be without their contribution? Nowhere!

  9. Nothing personal but I like the uke as much as I like the accordion or bagpipes which is to say not much at all. Even Harrison couldn’t salvage it. Great, as Robert Klein say, if you’re in a prisoner of war camp and don’t have access to real instruments.

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