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Music Quiz: Artist by Popular Spotify Songs XX

Welcome to the final week of the Sporcle Spotify challenge! It’s been a long slog since mid-February, and we’ve had a global pandemic during the period.

Here are the results so far – we had a lot of 19s last week, and I think a lot of people missed Pit Bull? There’s a very tight battle for first, while John and Max are locked in a tough struggle for placings in the bottom half of the table. Third place might depend on if Scott gets around to submitting his results from the last few weeks.

ParticipantWeek 19Total
Sheik Yerbouti19370
Geoff (1001)19354
Rich Kamerman19347
Scottnot yet338
John (2loud2old)14333
Max (badfinger20)18333

The final quiz is at:

I think we’re ending with the most brutal quiz of the series. I scored 16/20, the average is 52%.

I like how this post has been one of the most popular on this site over the last couple of days:

My misses so far: The Partridge Family, Post Malone, Snoop Dogg, Bobby Vinton, Loverboy, David Soul, Ice Cube, The Pussycat Dolls, Tommy Tutone, The Jonas Brothers, Debbie Gibson, Daniel Powter, Adam Ant, Iggy Azalea, Bruno Mars, The Yardbirds, Jimmy Eat World, Kid Rock, Flo Rida, The Romantics, Arctic Monkeys, Mary J. Blige, Mudhoney, Niall Horan, ToneLoc, Snow Patrol, Pit Bull, ‘Tootsie Slide’, ‘Closer to Fine’, ‘I’m Ready’, ‘Story of my Life’.

If you missed the early weeks and want to catch up, you can find the previous quizzes at

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  1. Hard to believe this series has been going on since February. A lot has transpired since then, but my streak of not getting a perfect score has been intact for quite some time, although my 17/20 score this week isn’t bad. I guessed a name for one of the artists I didn’t know that I should have guessed for the other, since that one was right. Oh well. This has been fun, and I stand in awe of the high scorers. Well done, gentlemen.

  2. 20/20 this week, very happy with that one. Spent ages wondering why it wouldn’t accept Slade then just as long trying to remember the name of the band that covered it

  3. 20/20 – some hard ones, but got there at the end.
    ‘Tootsie Slide’ – probably one of the most influental artists of the past decade.
    ‘Closer to Fine’ – I just typed ‘Girls’ and got the answer from that. (Never heard of them)
    ‘I’m Ready’ – I’ve heard of ‘Stay with Me’ so I know the artist.
    ‘Story of My Life’ – I’ve heard of that song so I know the artist.

    • I know some facts about Drake (he’s a Raptors fan! He had a son recently! He’s one of the highest played artists of the streaming era!) without knowing what any of his songs are called. I’ve always assumed he probably won’t appeal to me because I’m too old…

  4. Keeping my average going (or there abouts) with a 14. The band with the Johnny Cash covers was on the tip of my tongue but the rest would have no idea. Thanks for doing these – was alot of fun. Can’t wait to hear the final scores.

  5. 17 – missed boots are made for walkin’ / all for love / down under (I couldn’t get past the Safety Dance group, Men Without Hats, forgetting the name of the other group of males!)

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