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You've Got The Power by Van Morrison: Great B-Sides

Van Morrison is a prolific recording artist, releasing more than 40 studio albums during his solo career, as well as fronting Them in the 1960s. He recorded a lot of non-album material, but his only non-album b-side that I’m aware of is 1972’s ‘You’ve Got The Power’.

‘You’ve Got The Power’ is the b-side to ‘Jackie Wilson Said’, from St. Dominic’s Preview. By my reckoning Preview is Morrison’s second best album, so it’s not surprising that even its outtakes are classy. ‘You’ve Got The Power’ uses the same musicians as ‘I Will Be There’, including drummer Gary Mallaber, who’d later join the Steve Miller Band, and bassist Bill Church who played on the first Montrose album.

The reason for the b-side status of ‘You’ve Got The Power’ is probably that it’s overly derivative – Morrison recycles lines from his previous songs, and the chord sequence is generic. It’s fun nonetheless, a punchy, horn-punctuated number that recalls Stax.

‘You’ve Got The Power’ was never officially released on CD or digitally – it’s largely sunk into obscurity, kept alive on Youtube. It was set to feature in a compilation of outtakes, Highlights, in 1977, but the album was never released. Surprisingly, for an out-of-print song, ‘You’ve Got The Power’ does have its own Wikipedia article.

Two discs of Van Morrison outtakes were released on the 1998 set The Philosopher’s Stone. They’re often worthwhile, although primarily for hardcore fans who’ve heard the rest of his studio records, but ‘You’ve Got The Power’ wasn’t included.

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  1. And I call myself a fan…I’ve never heard this before. It’s powerful, loud, and brash. Love how the horns intertwine with his voice…
    Thanks Graham this will go into my Van playlist.

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