Music Quiz: 20 Famous Guitar Players

Noone managed to score 22 out of 22 in last week’s pictograph puzzle, but lots of people scored 21. Congratulations to Rich, Jim, 2loud2old, and wdeod who all joined me.

This week’s quiz requires you to recognise 20 recognisable guitar players.

I failed to recognise one hero, only scoring 19. I’m sure I’ll be gunned down. How did you score?


      1. I was expecting to see Bonnie Raitt and Chrissie Hynde in the list. Other artists in the ‘best 50 women guitarist’ lists I would think of foremost as singers.
        There was an interesting interview with Odaline de la Martinez, who was the first woman to conduct at the BBC proms. She said that people can accept a man acting angry in front of the orchestra, but not a woman.
        I guess the same applies with the pantomiming, weird facial antics and strutting that some guitarists do.

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        1. I think Hynde is excellent, although she’s similar to Tom Petty in that she’s primarily notable as a singer/songwriter. Would have been a good choice for the quiz though. Joni Mitchell would have been good – she’s the queen of crazy guitar tunings. Otherwise a lot of more notable female guitarists (eg PJ Harvey, Carrie Brownstein) are from more recent alt-rock that wouldn’t work in a Sporcle quiz as they’re not universal enough to be recognised.

          Este Haim, from 2010s pop-guitar band HAIM, is notable for her weird facial antics on bass.


    1. Bruce, Tom Morello was Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist. Known for that also for being a social activist. He also joined the E Street Band for at least one of Springsteen’s tours.

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    1. Tony do you actually take these tests or just wait to see who has the shortest time, give yourself the highest score, the lowest time and always win? I think from now on I’ll wait till after you chime in. 🙂

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