Music Quiz: Homophoney Hits

Last week we looked at singer name definitions. Congratulations to Tony, who scored the fastest time, although Msjadeli managed a very fast time on her second run through.

This week we’re looking at Homophoney Hits, where song titles are replaced by their homophones.

I scored 9/15 – actually below the Sporcle average. I should have known the Keane one, but I had no idea on any of the others and managed to get all of my guesses wrong.

Since last week’s quiz the music world lost Jeff Beck. We also lost YMO drummer and lead singer Yukihiro Takahashi, arguably the most dapper man in all of popular music.

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  1. 8/15. Fun but I never heard of some of these. And who dug up Johnny and thr Hurricanes? Wasn’t at all familiar with Takahashi. And since Carly Simon’s picture is there, let us note with some regret that both her sisters died of cancer in 2022 within a day of each other.

    • That’s awful about Carly Simon. I thought she only had the one sister, even though i read her autobiography that I got for $1.99. I was hoping she would talk a lot more trash about people than she did, but it seems like she was holding her tongue. Except a little bit about James Taylor toward the end. Otherwise she didn’t trash too many people. Unfortunately.

      • I used to have a Sesame Street record (In Harmony) from 1980, with artists like the Doobie Brothers, James Taylor, and Dr John. It has the Simon sisters singing harmonies, but just Carly and Lucy – apparently the other sister sang opera!

        • Oh yeah. Now I remember. The other sister was an opera singer. I actually had the Simon Sisters album on old beat-up vinyl years ago but I only remember it sounded kind of folky, and that’s about all i remember.

        • I’m checking out that In Harmony album cuz I never heard of it even though i loved the music from Sesame Street when I was young. And all the rock stars that were special guests on Sesame Street, and they usually sang a song with one of the Muppets. They had everybody in the whole universe. I remember REM and Debbie Harry and Mick Jagger and Stevie Wonder. One time I watched a whole playlist on YouTube of all the musical guest stars on Sesame Street. They still do it too. a couple years ago I saw Lady Gaga on it.

          • I mainly know the more recent stuff from my kids watching YouTube clips when they were smaller. Janelle Monae’s song is great, and the change in title to One Direction’s ‘That’s What Makes U Useful’ is witty.

          • Yes. They usually changed the lyrics of one of the the singer’s hits to make it for kids. And they were hilarious. I wish I could remember some of them cuz they were a riot. If I think about it hard enough some of them will come to me.

          • Grace Slick sounds like a good one. I bet she’s got a lot of tales to tell. I’ve got about 10 or 20 that I haven’t read yet, but I can’t pass up buying them when you see them for so cheap at online bookstores. If it’s cheap enough I’ll buy it. I only like real physical books though and not audiobooks. I have trouble concentrating and my mind just wanders when I’m listening to someone read a book and by time I finish hearing one sentence i forgot what the previous sentence said and I have to keep going back, so it takes me about five times longer to listen to a book than to just read it. Lol.

          • Yeah, she does. Some of them self-deprecating. Maybe it’s her generation but she spent a fair amount of time lamenting that she wasn’t a blonde. I found that odd. I’ve only listened ton one audiobook and it was drummer Chris Frantz’ book on the Talking Heads. Nice, but it takes to long. Other than than, I’m pretty old school too but I go back and forth from Kindle to physical books. Sometimes I want a book RIGHT NOW and so I can buy and download to Kindle in two seconds. Plus if I travel it’s a good fallback. I have all of Mark Twain’s stuff on there for example.

          • I was reading the other day that Crosby helped Slick clean up – always interesting how he turned from moral low ground to moral high ground.

          • yeah Kindle and digital books are a little bit better for me than audio but I still do best with regular books. But Kindle is like that too where you see them for two or three bucks or like you said, you want to read it right away so I end up getting them. I even read those crappy ones that you get for free on Kindle that seem like they were written by a pre-schooler. But a lot of them are full of lists and stuff so I like them anyway.

  2. 13/15 with a minute left on the clock, but once again I got screwed. I had the Michael Jackson song but no matter how many times I clicked it, Sporcle wouldn’t let me click his name.If it functioned properly I would have gotten a perfect score this week. Oh well.

  3. 13/15 with 1.27 left. As usual I missed the newest ones. But fortunately, i happened to know the real oldies ones like Johnny and the hurricanes and Brenda Lee.

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