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Long Time Missing by Tommy Keene

Tommy Keene passed away unexpectedly in his sleep this week at the age of 59. The critically acclaimed power pop musician had recorded an album with Robert Pollard, and collaborated with The Goo Goo Dolls, Paul Westerberg, and recently with Matthew Sweet. While he’d never gained a mass following, his tuneful guitar pop gained him a loyal following.

While his mid-1980s work, like Songs From The Film and ‘Places That Are Gone’, is perhaps his best known, I’ve always been partial to the opening track from his 1998 album Isolation Party. ‘Long Time Missing’ is consummate power pop, with its jagged riff and pounding beat sweetened with pretty vocal harmonies.




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    • I replied to J, but I’ll paste it here too: It’s a bit punchier than his 1980s stuff, tougher production and guitar sound. I think 1986’s Songs From The Film is a better album though, and there’s a compilation out there too, I haven’t heard it buy sometimes compilations work well for power pop type stuff.

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