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Music Quiz: Hall of Fame And Bands

EclecticMusicLover dominated last week’s quiz, with the only 20/20 score.

This week, your challenge is to link the hall of fame acts with their backing bands. I think it’s pretty straightforward, so that it’s somewhat of a speed challenge.

I scored 21/21 with 2:53 remaining. I was unfamiliar with Bob Wills, but obviously was able to figure his backing band out via the process of elimination. Can you beat my time?

As a bonus challenge, you can sort members of the 27 club by year of death. I got it precisely wrong the first time as I sorted from least recent at the top – you should start with the most recent. There are three pretty easy ones, but four of them are in that 1969-1971 period.

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  1. That was almost too easy, and if I wasn’t using a tracking pad my time would have been even faster. 21/21 with 2:58 left on the clock. As for the bonus challenge, I got 5/7 since I got Morrison & Joplin wrong. Also, I was in Iceland last week without internet access so I did last week’s quiz yesterday. I tried commenting that I got 19/20 but my comment wouldn’t go through.

  2. That’s funny that you didn’t know Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys cuz I’ve been listening to him for just the last few days cuz I always heard of him but I never really knew what Western Swing was, and he’s supposed to be the King of Western Swing. As it turns out, it’s kind of like a hyped up country music that people used to dance to. And i think I kind of like it so far. So I shouldn’t get that one wrong when I do the quiz.

    • They’re pretty clearly the band that I, as a man in his early forties, is least likely to be familiar with.

      • yeah i know. I’m in my mid-40’s and the music I’m least likely to know is 1930’s or 40’s music. And then even when I am curious to check it out, i’m so turned off by the sound quality of records from those days that I never really get into it. It’s hard to listen to and you really gotta get used to it. Once in a while it’s even part of its charm, if it’s the right person.

  3. 21/21 with 3:00 left. I raced through that like a MOFO. It pays to be old. I know all those 50s bands – Dion, imperials, everybody. As to Bob Wills, I first came to know him because Dickey Betts often quotes that band as one of his inspirations. I didn’t try the other one yet.

    • Hendrix always seems like the biggest waste of those guys – had so much talent, and had potential as a producer as well.

  4. I really fucked up that second quiz, I only got 3 out of 7. Brian Jones messed me up. I really didn’t know the year he died. And that just threw the whole thing off for me.

      • For some reason i was thinking that he just quit the Stones in 67 or 68 and then died a few years later. I don’t know why I I was thinking that.

        • Actually, it dawns on me that the Stones played Hyde Park in late 1969, and Jones had just died. He left the Stones only a few months prior to that. It’s fairer to say he was pushed out of the band. His drug use was abhorrent, and his musical contributions nil. Ɓut, out of the band and dead, same year. I believe Let It Bleed was his last work with the Stones.

          • I don’t know why I was thinking it was 73 or some time like that. After all those other guys.

          • I think Jones and Taylor both played on Let It Bleed, but almost all of the guitars were Richards.

  5. SCORE
    02:32 I knew Bob Willis but not Grandmaster Flash…same thing as you…process of elimination.

    I got 7/7 because I just read a Janis Joplin book and because of that, I knew the order of Jones, Hendrix, Joplin, and Morrison.

    • I can kind of work out the order of those deaths through albums – Jones was largely out by Let It Bleed (1969), Hendrix’s last proper album was 1970, Pearl was posthumous in 1971, and The Doors last album with Morrison was 1971.

      • I thought Hendrix was 1968 Electric Ladyland…a live album though…with the Band of Gypsys…ok.
        The reason I knew was because Janis was down about Hendrix worrying she would be next…and around two weeks later it was. I knew Morrison was in Paris in 71…of course the other ones are pretty easy. Those three gave me trouble. I never realized Janis and Jimi were that close. Odd…the J’s were wild…Jones, Jimi, Joplin. Jim

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