The Rolling Stones Let It Bleed

Music Quiz: Band by Fan Store Product

Congratulations to tomwritesaboutstuff, who recorded the fastest time in last week’s acrostic puzzle quiz.

This week you need to name the musical act given a promotional product with their branding.

I scored 19/20 – I missed the squiggly face logo. I suspect there will be plenty of 20/20s this week.

It’s fitting that the quiz includes Charlie Watts’ band too. I’m amazed that The Rolling Stones took until the 2020s to lose their second member, after losing Brian Jones in the 1960s. This discounts pianist Ian Stewart, who was pushed out of the band before their first album, but remained as a supporting piece until he passed away in 1985.

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  1. 20/20 with 3:07 left on the clock. Had the first 19 very quickly but it took me a while to figure out a certain female pop singer’s colorful outfit.
    RIP to Charlie Watts. I’ve played many Stones songs over the years with various bands and always enjoyed playing Charlie’s inimitable grooves.

    • He wasn’t a super flashy player, but he was perfect for that group I think. You’re still in the lead.

    • Keith Richard spent some time in hospital in New Zealand about a decade ago after he fell out of a coconut tree.

  2. 18/20 – missed out the star mask and the bottle opener. Charlie was the one member of the Stones that you can’t really make fun of, because there wasn’t anything to make fun of. How Keith is still alive is beyond me.

  3. 16/20, missed candy dress, rag dolls, pop art poster, and the designer sunglasses. RIP Charlie Watts. I think Keith Richards was embalmed two decades ago and no one noticed! Toxic chemicals only make him stronger, you know.

  4. 20/20 with 3:07 on the clock – ended up taking a guess (based on who hadn’t been included) on the pop art poster and got it right first time

    • I’m currently working through the rag dolls’ discography, so that was easy for me. 19 is good anyway.

  5. 18 of 20 – missed the one you did and RHCP – even though I guess the color was the clue but I got stuck on the shape.

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