Music Quiz: Albums with at Least Four Top Ten Hits

Congratulations to Tony and EclecticMusicLover, who both scored 12/12 in last week’s quiz.

This week it’s all about commercial juggernauts – albums with at least four top ten hits. It ranges from the 1970s to the 2010s and is pop-centric. You need to be a little careful between multiple albums from the same artist (including a Wham album and a George Michael solo album).

I scored 25/25, although I needed some educated guessing between Fergie and Drake at the end. I had 1:36 remaining.

Are there any fans of R. Stevie Moore out there? I’d never heard of him until recently, but he’s the son of renowned session bassist Bob Moore and has released 400 self-released albums in a prolific career.


Graham Fyfe is probably the only music blogger to appreciate Neil Diamond and Ariana Grande. Aphoristic Album Reviews features reviews and blog posts across a growing spectrum of popular music.


    • I counted and I only 5 of those albums in my Itunes library – and 3 of them are by Jackson siblings.

    • Yup, it’s up your street for sure. On PC I zoom out sometimes so I can get all the albums on one screen.

  1. SCORE
    00:00 Cool sound by R. Stevie Moore…no I can’t say I ever heard of him but it doesn’t sound bad.

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Graham Fyfe is probably the only music blogger to appreciate both Neil Diamond and Ariana Grande. Based in Fleet Street (New Zealand), he's been writing this blog since around 2000. Aphoristic Album Reviews features reviews and blog posts across a growing spectrum of popular music.

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