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Music Quiz: 12 Flags

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Ragged Glory

Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti, who scored the fastest time of the correct entrants in last week’s Back the Block challenge.

This week you need to connect the flags with the male musicians.

Everyone will beat my score this week – I mis-clicked and rage quit. I don’t think it’s too tough if you’re more coordinated than me though.

Missed previous editions of the quiz? Try here:

36 thoughts on “Music Quiz: 12 Flags Leave a comment

  1. 12/12 with 2min left on the clock. Boom!

    A couple of the above commenters beat me on time however, although in mitigation my WIFi connection cut out for roughly 30 secs into the quiz, and meant I couldn’t click on anything for a while. Still, chuffed if I made the top 3 of something for a change lol

    PS Just wondering, do you have to be logged in/signed up to that site for your score to register?

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    • I’m registered because it helps me keep track of what quizzes I’ve played and used before, plus you get can earn badges. But I think your scores count toward the overall quiz stats even if you’re not registered. Good work!

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  2. 10 of 12 with 1:50 left. Can’t say its was my favorite quiz of the ones you posted. only 12 choices and most you could guess if needed. That name sounds like this country just click on the flag. Of course you have to know the flag which most I got.

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