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Music Quiz: 1970s Lyrics Match

Congratulations to Rich Kamerman and 2loud2old, who both scored 25/25 in last week’s quiz, with Rich scoring the slightly faster time. Maybe this week we should listen to what the Kamerman said?

Bruce requested a 1970s quiz this week, so here’s a lyrics challenge from famous 1970s song.

I scored 25/25 in 1:46 – can you equal my score and beat my time?

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  1. Nice “Kamer” wordplay there, Graham. Happy to report that I’ve nailed this latest quiz too (another one for us old guys). Got 25/25 but didn’t come close to your time, leaving 5:07 on the clock. For some reason a couple of easy ones didn’t come to me until I eliminated others, and even then I had to choose carefully.

    By the way, I haven’t commented on your proposed blog names, but how about Graham’s Central Station? I realize it doesn’t have an obvious musical connotation unless you’re a fan of the super-funky Larry Graham, but it’s somewhat catchy. Plus, there are always a lot of musical trains coming into & out of your cranial station. 😀

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  2. 25/25, 5:22 left. Easy-peasy. All those songs are still in my head for better or worse. Last week was Listen to what the Kamerman said, hopefully, this week it will be You Don’t Mess Around With Jim.

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  3. 25/25
    00:40 It’s good to ace one of these… Though my time wasn’t great…someone came in and asked me a question at work in the middle of it… how dare they?…
    One set of lyrics got me thinking of Don’t Come Around Here No More by Petty…until I realized…no this is the seventies.

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  4. 17 of 25 – after the first 2 I thought this would be a piece of cake, but then brain block popped up. Funny how when you know the title and then see the lyric, you can magically hear the lyric in your head with the music. 🙂

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