Music Quiz: Aphoristic Album Reviews (part 1)

Congratulations to Tony, who scored 56 out of 69 in last week’s 1001 albums book quiz, and shout-outs to Murphy’s Law and Rich who both scored 54.

This week’s quiz is a little different from previous quizzes, in that I made it myself. It covers half of the artists that I’ve featured to date on this blog. I’ve given you some clues:
i) Some hints about the artist’s style and gender
ii) The year they recorded their first album
iii) My favourite song from the act (sometimes this is an obscure album track or b-side and not very helpful)
iv) The answers are presented in alphabetical order. This quiz covers 50 artists – the last one has a surname starting with P.

I’m obviously ineligible to enter this week, but my wife tried it and scored 14/50. I feel like there are a few very obscure entries in there, so I’ll be impressed if anyone gets into the high 40s. I apologise in advance for any typos or ambiguous questions.

How did you get on? Let me know!

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  1. 21/50. I guessed a few, maybe should have got a couple more. But at best I might have gotten 2 or 3 more right. I don’t know a lot of these songs/bands.

    • Sorry – looks like it might have been a tough quiz this week. Wonder if I do a part 2, if I should go for “notable song” rather than “favourite song”.

      • Had you included notable songs my score would likely have been around 45. Oh, and I was able to figure out that 1970 singer. Can’t imagine I’m the only one who got that right. Glad you did the list in alphabetical order. That helped a lot.

        • Quiz has had 14 plays (including me doing a test run through) and it’s only been gotten twice, so just you and me. She enjoyed a bit of attention when her first album was rediscovered and she made the second one, but I haven’t heard her discussed much in the last ten years.

        • I actually made a public version with well-known song instead of favourite song. But we should all keep using the original for the sake of comparability.

  2. 35/50
    The only ones I really kicked myself for missing were Lindsay Buckingham and Buffalo Springfield. “Expecting to Fly” – I couldn’t get past Learning to Fly (Pink Floyd) and Given to Fly (Pearl Jam), neither of which fit in that place in the alphabet.

  3. I was doing the quiz earlier on my commute, but had issues with connection and had to give up. Score was not looking good, though… so maybe it was a good thing.

  4. Stunk that one up with a 32 and hung my head in shame when I saw the answers. Still it’s thanks to your enthusiastic reviews of “Australian/New Zealand pop-rock band, debut album 1986” that I’m currently enjoying their initial four albums so ta for that

  5. Ok so this was a bit of a challenge since I have not been following your blog that long, but that good news is that I beat your wife’s score – 19. 🙂

  6. I passed!
    25/50 by guessing the group that would eventually become New Order with time running out – after seeing the answers, I should have had closer to 35!

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