Music Quiz: Artist by Badly Drawn Song 1980s

Congratulations to Paul from who scored the fastest time in scoring 20/20 in last week’s badly drawn song quiz from the 1960s and 1970s.

This week we’re continuing into the 1980s. Again there are some amusingly macabre images.

I scored 16/16 with 4:44 remaining. Can you beat my time?

Does anyone else really like this song by 18-year-old Disney starlet Olivia Rodrigo? Kind of has angsty guitar-rock vibes like Alanis Morrissette’s ‘You Oughta Know’ or Avril Lavigne’s ‘Sk8r Boi’.

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  1. 18 of 20 – I eventually got the Bruce one but it was embarrassing since spent way too much time on it – I think the ballerina’s threw me off; also screwed up the U2 as didn’t pay attention to the year and went with the Two Hearts. But hey, woohoo I finally won one from last week – my life is complete! 🙂

  2. Un-believable… I scored well on an 80s quiz… I had to wait to the end to find the moon one. Process by elimination.

  3. I remember back in 1984 trying to convince a new girlfriend of the genius of Bruce Springsteen and how meaningful his songs were. The first song she ever heard of his was Dancing In The Dark on the radio before I had a chance to play her anything else. Argument lost. She said “I listened to it, I really tried, but I just don’t hear anything in it”. She was right, wasn’t she? I feel my beloved Bruce really let me down there.

  4. 19/20 for me. And as far as Olive Rodrigo, the song is okay, but I am forced to listen to it just like I’ll be forced to listen to the album when it comes out. My girls love her!!! If I hear that Drivers License song again, I will scream!! It ain’t bad, just heard it a million times.

  5. I got 17 with 4:05 on the clock. I like these badly drawn entries… good fun.

    As for the Olive Rodrigo number, that’s the first time I’ve heard it and it’s a bit too Avril Lavigne for my liking.

  6. 15/20 – missed out on U2, Nena, Hall & Oates, Tracy Chapman and INXS.

    Olivia has a good voice, hope to see her around more in the future. If you look at the song titles of her album, it is definitely going to be a ‘sour’ album indeed.

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