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Music Quiz: Music Jokes

Last week’s first and last song quiz created a logjam. The highest score was 13/16, and Michael Jackson seemingly tricked everyone since his early albums are relatively obscure. Congratulations to Rich, Max, Bruce, and jprobichaud, who all made it to 13.

This week we’have some music jokes. Can you select the correct punch-line?


I scored 24/24 in 3:08 – can you beat my time?


      1. Process of elimination on this one. They’re easier when a clue leads to only one possible answer and you’ve gotten the others through a combination of sleuth-work and dumb luck

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  1. 24/24 with 3:14 on the clock. The Fergal Sharkey joke made me chuckle. My wife told me she wanted to see a Monkees tribute act in Switzerland. I thought she was joking but now I’m in Geneva..

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