Beggars Banquet The Rolling Stones

Music Quiz: 50 Years of The Rolling Stones

Congratulations to jprobichaud and Tony, who both top scored 14/15 in last week’s quiz.

This week’s challenge is a rare single artist quiz, where you need to name 24 Rolling Stones albums.

I scored 21/24, although I was confused by one cover where it’s different than the CD copy I own.

How did you score?


  1. Glad you chose an artist that’s right in my wheelhouse. Got a relatively easy 24/24 with 9:40 remaining on the clock. I started getting into The Stones in the late-70s when I reached my teenage years, and recall a particular period around ’80 to ’81 where I bought about 15-20 of their albums in a single year. For a teenager with limited funds that was quite an accomplishment. Kids today with their streaming services don’t know how easy they have it. Haha.

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  2. If you transpose the digits, with my 12, we’re the same again!
    I should have had closer to 15 though, couldn’t figure out the wording of the ‘satanic’ one – I still have much to learn when it comes to the stones!

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  3. Funny thing. I know so many songs of theirs, but album names I am not good at so I won’t even try. i only have 2 Stones albums on vinyl right now and slowly adding them to my collection. Maybe in a year I will be able to do this one.

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  4. I’m late to the party as I was traveling all week. A pathetic 18/24, pathetic in that I am as big a Stones fan as you can get. But I could not remember some of the earlier ones and most recent ones to save my life.

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