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Music Quiz: Maxim’s Sexiest Album Covers (Badly Drawn)

Congratulations to Tony from https://mumblingabout.com/, who scored the fastest time for last week’s badly drawn 1980s quiz.

This week we’re onto badly drawn sexy covers.


It’s a bit trickier than the last couple because there are some obscure choices in there and the lack of colour isn’t helpful.

I scored 14/16 – can you beat my score?


  1. I was feeling very confident when I got 8 of them very quickly, but I only got one after that for a measly 9/16.

  2. I only got 6 as well. Now I gotta go back and look at some of these original covers…for uh…for research.

  3. Even worse 5 – I don’t really know covers, and then badly drawn ones, not in color. fill in the blank Doomed.
    Weren’t the previous badly drawn ones they gave you choices? That might have raised my score to like 10. 🙂

  4. 5 out of 16 and ran out of time.

  5. Only 13/16 for me. You’re right about the colour. I felt like pulling out some crayons.

  6. SCORE
    7/16 I knew I was in trouble when I first saw it. When they are grouped by decades it helps to narrow it down. A couple of them I just typed in big names and got them…how stupid of me…by not looking at your big hint right in front of me.

  7. 14/16 – I knew a few of the album covers and then I just went guess all the female pop stars I knew to see if they have an cover there.

  8. Tough one indeed. I liked it even though I scored only 8.

  9. I’ve surprised myself here with 15 – surprised because I actually found it easier with the lack of colour (which may have been a blessing for Amorica). A good few I own and some that have appeared in a few previous quizzes and stayed lodged in the banks

  10. 14/16, gave up at 2:53 to go.

  11. Didn’t even try this one.

  12. It appears I took this one before? I don’t remember it but no surprise there. I got 6/16 and ran out of time. One better than before.

  13. There are a few more recent quizzes too – I just moved hosts and need to figure out how to get my posts feeding into the reader.

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