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Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums VII

We’re up to number 7 in our series. Can you identify the greatest hits by its cover?

Congratulations to 2loud2oldmusic and EclecticMusicLover, who tied last week on 18.

This week’s challenge was a lot tougher, at least for me:

I scored 15/20, comfortably my lowest so far. Can you beat me? Do you know when to hold them? Do you know when to fold them?

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  1. SCORE
    16/20 I found this one a little eaiser than the last although I got the same score I believe…less guessing….but wrong guessing when I did.

    • There was a big hint in the feature image. I kind of hate that Springsteen comp – there’s so many new songs and Born in the USA stuff that there’s barely room for anything else. Should have been a double.

    • I think 1990s bands deserve compilations too – maybe more so if they don’t have great albums. But yes – I also struggled with stuff like Feeder and Limp Bizkit.

    • Good score anyway. For me it’s kind of fun trying to pick off the ones I can, then guess the rest based on art style/era etc.

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