Music Quiz: Christmas Songs in Emojis

Congratulations to VinylDaftDad J., who finished a couple of points clear of the field in last week’s sorting quiz.

It’s Boxing Day here in NZ, but I’m aware it’s still Christmas day in other parts of the world. Feel free to hang with family today and save this quiz for later.

This week’s quiz is Christmas themed. You need to link the song to the emojis.

I scored 16/18. Unusually, I ran out of time – that doesn’t normally happen for me, but 2 minutes to process 18 series of emojis is tight. Can you get all 18?

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

Taking my daughters to Frozen 2 last week, it occurred to me how much the Frozen characters parallel the characters in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Elsa = Luke Skywalker: the character with special powers, who’s learning to control them.

Princess Anna = Princess Leia: sister of the above, feisty, independent female character.

Kristoff = Han Solo: love interest of the above, despite being a scruffy nerf/reindeer herder of dubious reputation.

Sven = Chewbacca: faithful sidekick of the above, non-verbal. Sven also doubles as the Millennium Falcon.

Olaf = C-3PO: comic relief character. Riddled with anxiety. Skilled at recapping plots of previous movies to native forest inhabitants.


    1. I saw Star Wars on Monday – I thought it did a good job of feeling like Star Wars and resolving unanswered questions. I see a lot of people hating the sequels (especially The Last Jedi) but I think they’ve done a good job. Much better than the prequels – those were hard to watch with the terrible scripts and some bad casting decisions. The sequels have had a really good cast – Adam Driver is great, Oscar Isaac oozes charisma, and Daisy Ridley does well at holding everything together.


  1. 10 of 18 for me. I think I would have done better but I did not pay attention to the timer and suddenly realized I had, like, 8 seconds left. Warning to anyone taking this – you have to answer quickly. Anyway, I enjoyed the break from family duties. Don’t box over there too much or at least, wear gloves before you get in the ring!

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    1. Boxing Day isn’t a thing in the US right? Makes sense to have a lot of public holidays around this time in NZ, as it’s summer (although weather is often weird around this time, much more settled in February and March).


  2. Happy Boxing Day! I got perfect score with 5 seconds to spare. I had done one of these at a office Christmas party so had the general concept although this was a bit easier with the matching aspect of it. Thanks for doing these each week – really enjoy them! Looking forward to 2020.

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  3. No way! I topped a quiz week! Magic.

    I’ve never seen any of the Frozen flicks, though it wasn’t possible to escape the song a few years ago.

    Anyhoo, I scored 16 there before the time ran out.

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