Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums #1

Congratulations to the Punk Panther and to Rich Kamerman, who both scored 20/20 in last week’s Classic Rock Cover Match quiz.

This week, you’re invited to join regular readers in identifying which artist a greatest hits collection belongs to. Even if you don’t know the compilation in question, you can figure some out based on iconography and facial recognition.

I scored 20/20 with 2:23 remaining, even though I had a few anxious moments. Can you beat my score?

One of my favourite albums of 2019 is finally getting a sequel – here’s Jamila Woods:

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  1. 15/20. That was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. And some of those must have been the back covers of the albums or something cuz they didn’t look anything like the greatest hits albums I’ve seen from those artists.

    • Some of them are more recent right – I guess there’s an argument for including the most recent ones, or including the more iconic ones from peak-CD era.

    • Lol. There’s no Blondie greatest hits album with that picture on the cover. And I never saw that Eagles one either. Unless maybe they’re kind of new so I don’t know them.

    • Yeah it says it’s from 2006. And when I checked there’s been like another gazillion after that one. There’s like 10 more since then.

      • It is a bit weird- you’d think compilations would have largely been superseded by Spotify playlists. Maybe tight 40 minute compilations for vinyl collectors have some appeal?

        • I never really thought about that before. Who’s really buying these things anymore? Nobody buys new CDs anymore and not too many people buy vinyl. Maybe they make them for streaming purposes. I know that I still like to stream whole albums rather than the playlists on the streaming services but I wonder if most people just stream playlists instead nowadays. A lot of times the playlists are pretty good but I still go to albums first.

    • Well of course I’ve got Mott the Hoople. You must have missed it. And I’ve got Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music Greatest Hits. No Jam though cuz they didn’t have enough songs that I like.

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