Music Quiz: Classic Album Titles in Song Lyrics

Congratulations to Geoff, jprobichaud, and Tony who all scored 100% in last week’s time quiz – looks like Geoff had the fastest time.

This week, you need to fill in the blanks in song lyrics with classic album titles. I didn’t know a bunch of the songs, but it’s a quiz where common sense will get you a fair way.

I scored 19/24 – can you eclipse my score?


  1. I just barely surpassed our host this week with 20/24. That was a challenging quiz, and those are often the most fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 19/24. Gee whiz, could they have come up with any more obscure songs? Talib Kweli, Demonology? Really? Oh yeah, forgot. I was listening to that one just the other day.

  3. 20/24
    I thought it was going to be pretty easy…uh no…I used common sense more than knowledge

  4. A cluster result. Twenty for me. More if lyric writers were better at grammar. 🙂

  5. Boy, you guys Down Under have your own language. Sounds like someone’s been On the Beach.

  6. That was hard for me. I was going real slow and ran out of time at only 11.

  7. No chance – 18/24. Time for a coffee

  8. 18 of 24 – that was alot of fun, took me a couple minutes to get into what you needed to do, and have to say did better than I thought I would – you’re rightthat logic and grammar helped alot.

  9. Going on vacation to Germany later today so may be absent for next 2 quizzes but will try to join from there!

  10. 18 – solid start and then the guessing began!

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