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Music Quiz: Building the Beatles

Congratulations to jprobichaud, who recorded the fastest time in last week’s quiz.

This week is a single-artist quiz, about The Beatles. You need to identify the four Beatles, an iconic album cover, and fill in the gaps in some famous songs. There are a handful of semi-obscure songs, but it’s not too tough – I scored 37/37 with 2:26 remaining. Can you beat my time?

Apologies if you weren’t notified about this post – I’m still figuring out how to connect this site to the reader.

Regular reader kingclover submitted this 1982 solo hit by ABBA’s Frida when we were discussing Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel’s gated reverb on Peter Gabriel (1980). I’d never heard it before, but it’s worth hearing, especially the intense drum track from Collins.


  1. 37/37 with 2:41. Beat you. Easiest quiz of all time. Only question is how much will I lose to Rich by?

    • I figured there are a couple of songs in there that people wouldn’t know without hearing the albums. Mother Nature’s Son and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer are deep cuts – I first heard the latter via John Denver’s cover (embarassingly).

  2. Whew, I beat our esteemed host but couldn’t match Jim’s lightning-fast time. 37/37 for me with 2:32 left on the clock. Well done, Jim.

  3. I flew through this one like butter, Rich. I was just focused and typing as fast as I could. You know how it is. If you’re a certain age those tunes are imprinted. And I see more trivia questions about that famous cover than you can shake a stick at.

    • Have you seen The Rutles? On the cover of Shabby Road, Stig is seen crossing the road without trousers, an Italian sign of death.

      • I recall the Rules, yes. Shabby Road is what I call my measly recording setup consisting of one mic, a small amp and some recording software.

  4. 36/37 – I failed to remember what kind of hammer Maxwell had picked up at B&Q

  5. 37/37 with 2:01. I thought I did pretty good.

    • Yup, perfect score although you got outspeeded this week (unlike last week where you were the fastest).

  6. Oh and wow! I had the fastest time last?!

  7. 37/37 w/ 2:50 left – my fingers were ready for this quiz. I know the Beatles catalogue pretty well so this was a breeze.

  8. 37/37
    This is one I’ve been studying for all of my life

    • I think Jim’s time is a little faster than yours right now, but it’s close.

      • I liked that one! Oh is your posts in reader yet? I should not have missed this one.

        • Yeah, I need to talk to support about it. I have been ironing out some things – it took a few posts for me to get the scheduling working properly.

          • badfinger20 (Max)
            badfinger20 (Max)

            I started to check your site now… I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing you in reader…

          • badfinger20 (Max)
            badfinger20 (Max)

            Graham I figured you would want to know…I tried to comment on your Wailer’s post and it just keeps saying “loading” on the comment…I refreshed it a couple of times and the same thing.

          • badfinger20 (Max)
            badfinger20 (Max)

            Nevermind! It just popped up on mine…sorry

  9. I got 37/37, but with only 1:57 remaining. I’m a slow typist…

  10. If I hadn’t spelled Eleanor wrong the first 2 times I would’ve had ya!

  11. 36/37 – for the Across the , I wasn’t thinking big enough.. I wouldn’t call myself a Beatles expert by any stretch, but almost all of these were simple which I think just shows how huge their influence on music was in that most came to me without a second thought.

  12. I did have to backspace first time around.

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