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Music Quiz: 9-10 Letter Words in 1960s Songs

Last week’s 2010s lyrics quiz threw out a very wide range of scores. Sheik Yerbouti won with 100%.

This week’s quiz is the same format, but all the songs are from the 1960s. I’m expecting much higher scores this week. I also think longer words are easier to guess.

I scored 25/25 with 1:01 remaining. Can you beat my score?

What new releases are you looking forward to in 2021? I’m not huge on neo-prog, but I’m looking forward to new releases from Steven Wilson and Transatlantic shortly. I’m also anticipating a new Julien Baker album, and hoping for new music from Mitski.

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  1. The 1960s?? How old do you think we all are ? I do know the difference between the Byrds and the yardbirds(one hit wonder). So I have that going for me… which is nice (caddyshack – 1980)

  2. SCORE
    25/25 It’s nice to know one of these again. I was looking forward to the Matthew Sweet CD that
    was released a couple of weeks ago. I’m about to grab it.

  3. Perfect score. Thanks for throwing an easy one in for us old, slow guys every once in a while. There were two I didn’t know (how did Herbie Hancock get in with all those pop songs?) but they were pretty obvious after narrowing it down. 51 seconds remaining.

    • I was left with two at the end too, probably the same two? Probably should have guessed the Hancock one, as he seems to have a tropical fruit fixation – Watermelon Man, then this?

      • I can’t speak for the ‘Cantaloupe’ thing but “Growing up in the ’40s and ’50s in Chicago, Herbie Hancock was around street vendors, including the “watermelon men,” who peddled the fruit. He wrote: “In reflecting on my childhood, I recalled the cry of the watermelon man making his rounds through the back streets and alleys of Chicago’s South Side. The wheels of his wagon beat out the rhythm on the cobblestones.”
        But what’s with the Zappa tune “Rutabaga”?

  4. 21/25 and ran out of time. Probably would have figured them out with more time. That was a fun one. I’m also hoping Mitski comes out with an album this year. I’ve listened to Be The Cowboy a LOT.

  5. Joining the perfect score club with 12 seconds left on clock – have to say this one I think probably comes down to speed of fingers and mouse.
    Re: new music, I believe Frank Turner may have a new one coming out that I”m looking forward to. Also hoping against hope that perhaps live music can return to the States by fall. Other than that, just looking forward to discoveries more new stuff.

  6. 25/25 with 0:46 left on the clock. Guess my mouse-speed isn’t quick enough.
    As for albums I’m looking forward to, the two you mentioned are at the top of my list (I should have them both in the next week, including the mega-deluxe Transatlantic box set with t-shirt which I ordered from their website). I’m most excited about the return of one of my two favorite bands of the last 40 years, Del Amitri. Their first new album in 19 years is being released in May, and I already have my preorder in.

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