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Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums #2

There were a bunch of 20/20 scores in last week’s Greatest Hits Albums quiz, but Tony had the fastest reported score.

Just like last week, you’re invited to join regular readers in identifying which artist a greatest hits collection belongs to. Even if you don’t know the compilation in question, you can figure some out based on iconography and facial recognition.

I scored 18/20 – there were a few bands I’m not particularly interested in, and I couldn’t guess my way through them.

Can you beat my score?

What’s your favourite Greatest Hits? I love The Police Greatest Hits, which I’ve used as the header image. It has almost all of my favourite Police songs in one place. This one – an Andy Summer tune, originally slated as the lead single for Ghost in the Machine, missed the cut.

In other news, Robert Forster of The Go-Betweens has launched his own brand of muesli.

So this morning at my inner city London hotel I had to sneak down a cup of my OWN muesli to the breakfast room, hoping I would be undetected. I pored it into a bowl, added milk and sliced banana, and ate in secret bliss. It’s my own mix, and if you have seen the Tender Years video, the jars I am reaching for hold the blend of ingredients that are in Spring Grain.

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  1. Is muesli the same thing as Mueslix? Cuz that stuff is good. A guy I was living with used to get it and it was delicious but then later when I tried to buy it myself I couldn’t find it anywhere. I would have started eating that instead of the cereals I usually eat like Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms and the ones that are really bad for you.

    • I have no idea what Mueslix is! Muesli is a breakfast cereal that’s usually a mixture of oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruit.

      • That sounds like it has the same stuff in it as Mueslix although I don’t remember seeds but maybe. It was the name of a brand made by Kellogg’s but it was pretty healthy.

  2. 15/20 with 2:48 left. I would probably have to say Steve Miller Bands Greatest Hits would be a good one as it’s the only SMB one I own! Thanks, this was fun

  3. 17/20. When I first saw it I said Aw shit, this is gonna be hard. But then it turned out to be not as hard as I thought. You just had to look for little clues for the ones you didn’t know, which is how I got several of them.

  4. You’re right. that Police album is pretty good, or at least better than the one I had. But Police Best-of’s should have the entire first side of Zenyatta cuz that really was their best. If not the entire side than at least it should have Driven to Tears, When the World is Running Down, and Voices. And it should also have Demolition Man from Ghosts. I don’t have a Police album on my compilation list but I should put one anyway. It’s a little short of 300 albums but I’m trying to get it up to that, but I can’t think of any other ones that I know.

  5. 20/20 with 3:00 on the clock.

    Oddly I have a few Police Greatest Hits comp, each seemingly offering some different combo of the same – Every Breath You Take: The Singles, Greatest Hits (the one highlighted), one with some Police some Sting and 2007’s ‘Tour Cash-In’ that slops as much onto 2cds as it can… The one that stands out for me is the first one as it feels concise and includes the ’86 Don’t Stand So Close to Me which I have a noted soft spot for.

    Otherwise I’ve probably played Asides from Buffalo Tom more than most CDs in my collection and Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers’ Anthology: Through the Years is two discs of pure gold. Pink Floyd’s Echoes manages to make a very cohesive compilation of tracks from an albums-oriented band that flows well.

    In those heady days before Spotify a good Greatest Hits made a great entry point but you can still find most of the above in my car on any given day.

    • Oops – I forgot to reply to this, and to announce you as the winner for that week.

      I had a lot of Greatest Hits albums back in the day, but not so much anymore. I played that Petty Anthology a lot. I had a six-track Floyd compilation, A Collection of Great Dance Songs, which was singularly unsatisfying. A cohesive Floyd compilation sounds interesting though.

  6. I knew 17 of these and made a few educated guesses for a score of 20/20 with 2:57 left on the clock, not quite quick enough to match or beat Tony but still pretty good. I’m not sure I could choose one favorite greatest hits album. I tend to be a completist with most artists so compilations are relegated to artists I care less about.

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