Music Quiz: The Day The Music Died

Last week’s quiz had a couple of tough questions, especially Temple of the Dog. Congratulations to the 1990s kids (mostly), J., Geoff, StevefortheDeaf, 2loud2old, Tony, and Murphy’s Law, who all scored 100%. It looks like Murphy’s Law scored the fastest time.

I think last week’s quiz was easier for the generation who grew up with Chris Cornell and Dolores O’Riordan, so let’s go back in time for this week’s.

As you probably know, this week marked the 60th anniversary of the plane crash that killed Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper.

This week’s challenge is to identify songs recorded by each artist. I like the songs of Buddy Holly but barely know the other two beyond their signature song (and I even got one of those wrong….) so I resorted to a lot of guess work.

I scraped my way to 23/30. Can you beat my score?


  1. OMG. That was freakin’ tough. I know 50’s stuff and I didn’t know half of those. Good guessing got me – at best- to 21/30 with 0.54 left. Good luck on this one, folks.

  2. I’m a huge Buddy Holly fan (I highly recommend the 6-CD “Not Fade Away” box set which was released in 2009), a casual Ritchie Valens fan and have a cursory knowledge of The Big Bopper. I probably should have taken a deep breath and really thought about a couple of the song titles but decided to go through it quickly and ended up with 26/30 with 1:31 left on the clock. At least I got all of the Holly songs right.

    • Good effort. I wonder if anyone will get 30 this week. I’ve never really looked at box sets much, apart from stuff like Nuggets which catalogues otherwise unreleased songs. I didn’t realise Holly recorded so much stuff (in such a short time).

  3. I got 27/30 not familiar with the Big Bopper but just guessed when I saw an crazy title that it was his. Buddy Holly Lives!! Indeed.

  4. 23 of 30 as well – besides Donna and LaBamba I know nothing of Richie Valens. Same with Bopper and Chantilly Lace. I was surprisingly good at guessing the Bopper songs from their title but abymsmal with the Valens sounds – still too bad. I wait with you to be bested

  5. We tied again! And I’m coming in from a similar angle, know & like Buddy Holly, fortunate guessing on most of the others.
    Now if it were lyrics to ‘Buddy Holly’ by =w=eezer, this 90s kid would be back in business!

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