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Music Quiz: Which Band Member III?


Congratulations to new contestant getonmynick, who used a technique of looking at the last emoji to blitz the Christmas songs in emojis quiz.

This week you need to identify the named band member. There are a couple of earlier editions too if you want more challenges.

I scored 18/20. I thought it was easier than earlier editions (I featured parts 1 and 2 last year); often the answer is the lead singer.

In other news, I’m planning to make a best of 2019 list like all those other swanky blogs do. I have a playlist of 46 albums from 2019 that I enjoy and would like to write about before I collate my list. Unfortunately, so far I have only reviewed 20 of these. I’m planning to up the pace of 2019 reviews, either with an extra post each week or combining multiple albums into one post, and try to publish a list in March.

If you’re uninterested in 2019 music, I’ve also covered a few big vintage acts recently, including Elton John and Can.

Best wishes for 2020! We’re off to a rough start over here in New Zealand -the sun is currently hazed out by the ashes of dead koalas, blown over from our neighbours in Australia.

31 thoughts on “Music Quiz: Which Band Member III? Leave a comment

  1. 20, with 2:06 remaining!
    Through this quiz, I realized I don’t really know what the members of Pink Floyd look like, it was a fortunate guess on that one.
    Nice to see Andrew Ridgeley get name-checked!

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    • I think we’re all good now. The scale of the Australian fires is ridiculous- the prime minister is upsetting everyone by not linking them to climate change and not taking any climate change action.

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      • Good to hear things are better sky wise. Yes when your entire country is burning perhaps there is something unusual going on…. Well at least the primer minister is not ranting about wind power blades spewing fumes into the atmosphere like certain other world leaders.

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  2. Happy New Year, Graham. So sorry for everything you’re dealing with in your part of the planet right now. It’s truly heartbreaking and has not gone unnoticed here and in many other places. Sending good wishes your way. As for this week’s quiz, with only one educated guess and the rest being very obvious to me, I scored 20/20 with 2:26 left on the clock. A good way to start the year.

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  3. 19/20. Pretty easy overall. There was one band I didn’t recognize so it was a wild guess. Plus I was distracted by a women’s lingerie ad that popped up and wouldn’t go away.

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    • Danger Mouse was one of the ones I got wrong too – it was a bit embarrassing as I’m more interested in their stuff than a lot of other bands on the list, just no idea what they looked like.


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