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Music Quiz: Are You Ready to Rock?

Congratulations to Rich Kamer(man I feel like a woman) who beat other perfect scorers Jim and Geoff1001 for the fastest time last week.

This week you need to name rock artists from their pictures.


There were a few bands in there that I have zero interest in, so I only scored 20/25. Can you beat me?


  1. I tied Mr. KamerTunesBlog with 23. Two of them I could not possibly have gotten and didn’t recognize even after their names came up. There are at least two bands on this test that are so recognizable that one must hang their head in shame if they miss.

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    1. Are you talking about the ubiquitous British rock bands of the 1960s or the 1970s people with very recognisable visual imagery? Great score. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone makes it past 23.


  2. 20/25. The majority were a piece of cake with a few not-so-easy ones sprinkled in. Surprised I didn’t recognize the Eagles & Ramones, I guess I haven’t actively looked at their faces. Didn’t remember Jared Leto’s group. Had seen Serj Tankian before-couldn’t put my finger on his band.

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      1. I was afraid it was going to be full of hair bands…that I couldn’t tell apart…
        I started to type “Blur” if I wasn’t sure. I know Oasis but not them…but no luck.

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