Music Quiz: Greatest Hits Albums XXVII

You know the drill – 20 more greatest hits albums to identify. Can you match the heroics of Tony, who scored 20/20 with more than 2 minutes remaining in last week’s quiz?

I scored 20/20 this week (with 41 seconds remaining). It was a diverse bunch, which made it easier. There were also personal favourites like Nilsson, Procol Harum, the Undertones, and Amy Grant.

I just discovered an album’s worth of outtakes from Steely Dan’s troubled 1980 album Gaucho. They sound great – it could have been an excellent double album. Here’s ‘The Bear’.


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    • It often feels like sacrilege to touch the original, but it would be nice to have a 2CD version with a proper bonus disc. It would be cool to rework the album though – it’s their most uneven from their original run for my money.

    • We’ve gone through 540 artists at this point (although I guess there may have been a few doubleups)?

    • I found that one with a bunch of hard rock bands really hard, but I think they’ve plateaued a bit. The first ones were easier, but I don’t know if they’ve really got harder recently?

  1. SCORE
    17/20 much easier this week! Most of the names I’ve heard of… C.C…. he seems to be really remembered now but back then…he had a few hits but I never thought people would still remember him as well.

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