Stevie Wonder Hotter Than July

Music Quiz: Who's That With Stevie Wonder?

Congratulations to Sheik Yerbouti and Tony, who both scored 9/10 in last week’s error message quiz.

This week you need to identify the notable person with Stevie Wonder. I’m never very good at person identification – I missed some obvious ones.

I scored 18/25, but I’m assuming lots of you will beat me!

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  1. Got ’em all with 1:24 remaining. I knew the great majority instantly but I could not think of the name of the guy in the car at first. I had to revisit a couple of them two or three times and that stupid Muppet threw me off for a while.

  2. Perfect score for me with 3:32 remaining. For some reason no matter how many times I tried spelling the one-time heavyweight champion’s name I couldn’t get it right, but then I put in his birth name and it worked. As a Stevie Wonder fan since I was 10 years old (44 years & counting) this quiz was right in my wheelhouse.

  3. SCORE
    I’m going to look for the picture I missed. Stevie with someone more modern. He is wearing sunglasses…not Stevie lol.

  4. 22 of 25 – still had a little over a minute left but couldn’t come up with the jazz icon, the current rap star, and one other. Fun to expand the quiz beyond music, although I guess i prefer it if they stick to just music.
    Happy with results of election last week, although now we have to contend with certain people being a sore loser and refusing to concede…..

    • Congratulations on the election! I think it’s possibly good that he’s kicking up a fuss and asking for donations, as it siphons attention and money away from the crucial Georgia runoffs.

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