Music Quiz: 1987 Albums Picture Click

Congratulations to all the participants in last week’s music jokes quiz. Tony from Mumbling About… scored the fastest time among all the 24s.

This week you need to identify albums from 1987. The 1980s used to get a rough time from music fans, but there are lots of great records here. I’m not really a fan of INXS, Bruce Willis, or Tiffany, but The Joshua Tree is an all time favourite, and there are great records from Prince, The ‘Mats, Bruce Springsteen, and The Smiths.

I scored 24/24 in 01:52 – can you beat my time?


  1. As soon as i saw 1987, I knew it wasn’t gonna end well. That (or maybe a few years later) may well be the outer reaches of my paying any attention at all to albums. And so, 18/24. The good news is the quiz advised me to “Please don’t let your quiz scores define you as a person.” Best advice I’ve gotten since I was told “don’t look back in anger.”

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      1. It was a joy to work at record stores during the pre-CD era. I made it a point to browse through all the bins each day, so I was aware of just about every release in every genre. Since I worked at three stores between 1983 & 1988, I watched the transition into CDs, when they were still packaged in long-boxes (mainly because two of those side-by-side took up the same space as a single LP, therefore allowing shops to utilize existing displays). I used to have an entire wall of my apartment, where I lived for nearly 16 years, covered top-to-bottom in CD long-boxes. It was quite the conversation piece.

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        1. I have a couple of long boxes that were collector items – Pink Floyd’s live Wall and R.E.M.’s Up. I’ve never really seen long boxes in discount racks though.


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