Music Quiz: Last Last Last

Last week’s debut album quiz proved a little tough – Tony snuck through with a 19/20.

This week your challenge is to identify an artist by a portmanteau of the last words of three of their songs. Whoever made it has a great sense of humour, with combos like “Floppy Wartime House” and “Magic Finger Bottle”.

I scored 21/21 with 2:31 (almost exactly half the time) remaining. Can you beat my time?

Here’s a 1980s King Crimson concert:

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  1. 21/21 with 2:47 left on the clock – took a moment to work out what I was hunting for but that one definitely made me chuckle. What does an Alabama Bird Smell like?

  2. Whew, I’m out of breath after that quiz. Took a few seconds to get going but then I flew through it. 21/21 with 3:19 left on the clock. That was fun. Stay away from that “Alabama Bird Smell.” Haha.

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