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Music Quiz: ‘Away’ Song Titles

Congratulations to everyone who tried out last week’s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers quiz. Good job to Tony, Max, and the Punk Panther, who all scored 100%, and condolences to Rich who was foiled by a dastardly popup.

This week you need to complete the song titles with the word “away” in them.

I scored 17/20 – I probably should have picked up another point if I hadn’t panicked at the end.

28 thoughts on “Music Quiz: ‘Away’ Song Titles Leave a comment

  1. 20.20, 1:27 left. I like those because if you leave a few for the end, then it’s easy to pick out ones that have to be grammatically correct. Also, I don’t know how many US readers you have but we have the long Thanksgiving weekend coming up so I don’t know if people are traveling or what.

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  2. 19 – I thought the Kelly Clarkson song was called ‘Break away’ and when I didn’t see ‘Break’ as an option, I thought perhaps I misremembered the song and incorrectly guessed ‘Fly.’
    When I looked it up afterwards, turns out, I was right about Breakaway, alas, she just released another ‘away’ song a couple years later!

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