Music Quiz: Ruined by a Letter (1960s)

Last week’s debut quiz was pretty straightforward, and no-one got more than one question wrong. Bruce from Vinyl Connection powered through the quiz the fastest – comfortable in the 1970s (and with compatriot Olivia Newton-John included), Bruce completed the quiz in a blistering 18 seconds.

This week, we can see who’s best in the 1960s. This quiz is simple, but hilarious – iconic songs have been “ruined” by changing a letter. You need to guess the letter that has been replaced – for instance, for the clue Diana Ross – Torch Me In The Morning you need to select “u” as the answer.

It’s pretty straightforward (I think?) so it will probably be a speed race. Can you beat my time of completing the quiz in 1:30?


  1. perfect score with 2:02 left – I believe these were all songs from 60s? Maybe 50’s? Couple had no idea but did the old process of elimination. Like the Pat Boone one? Was that a cover? Weren’t all his hits covers?

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