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Weekly Music Quiz: Big in Canada

Congratulations to Geoff and Tony who both scored 28/30 in last week’s tough anagram’s quiz.

Geoff is going to have a slight advantage this week, as this week’s quiz is focused on Canada. Link the Canadian acts to their well known albums:

I scored 27 out of 28 – I’m a little confused between the songs of Our Lady Peace and Nelly Furtado.

Can you score full marks? Let me know your score below.


  1. Not as difficult as it originally seemed using the process of elimination. Technically I only got 27/28 because I skipped one Rush album and assumed I could go back to them, so I give myself a qualified 28/28. It didn’t hurt that I wrote complete album series on three of these artists (Joni Mitchell, The Band and Neil Young).

  2. 20something out of, what was it again? If I am going to do these I should take note of my score? Where was Cohen in this? oh well maybe next time, hey? 🙂 Have good one man!

    • Wait, what? A Canadian and you’re not a fan of Neil Young or Rush! Sir, next you’ll be saying you don’t like Gordon Lightfoot! You may be asked to emigrate to America! 🙂

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