Joy Division Substance 1977-1980

Music Quiz: Will, Won't, Can, Can't

Congratulations to Jim, Rich, Badfinger20, and Tony who all scored perfect marks in last week’s 1970s quiz.

This week’s challenge requires you to fill in will, won’t, can, or can’t into song titles. I like how they included both Joy Division’s song and the Captain and Tenille song that inspired it. I scored 38/40 – can you beat me?

I’m way slow on this, but does anyone else really enjoy Vampire Weekend’s first single from their recently released album Father of the Bride? The video has snakes, pancakes, and Danielle Haim apparently auditioning for a shampoo commercial.


  1. 34/40. A few I should have gotten but didn’t. The rest… ?? So this week I am not “A number one, top of the list
    King of the hill, A number one.”

  2. BTW, I know little to nothing about Vampire Weekend or Haim but that’s not a bad song. I like that guitar figure. Different. Not something I’d buy but not bad.

  3. Will check out song later – on my phone before my sons basketball game. Really enjoyed Haim’s first album – they are fun in concert

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