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A trio of sisters from California, Haim take their name from Este, Danielle, and Alana’s surname. The group grew up playing in a cover band, Rockinhaim, with their parents; their father Mordechai was a professional soccer player in Israel. Danielle toured as a guitarist for Jenny Lewis and Julian Casablancas, before forming HAIM with her sisters.

Haim are a guitar-based band, but their songs are unabashedly full of hooks, glossed up with pop production, and their lyrics aren’t worth any deep analysis. At the time of writing, their career is only two albums old, but at this point, they’re making gorgeous, yet disposable, pop music. The group’s primary appeal for me is their three part sibling harmonies, but Danielle’s lead vocals are also likable and the trio are all good musicians.

Haim have already enjoyed plenty of attention, seemingly able to bridge the divide between accessibility of radio friendly pop and the authenticity of guitar based rock and roll. They’ve already built up a reputation as a formidable live act, while they also have personality to spare, especially Este’s notorious bass face.

Five Favourite Haim Songs

If I Could Change Your Mind
Night So Long
My Song 5
Days Are Gone
Want You Back

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