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Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel 3 Melt

Peter Gabriel Album Reviews

Leaving Genesis after six albums, at the age of 25, Peter Gabriel’s solo career initially felt like an attempt to distance himself from his former band. It took him a couple of albums to find his feet, but his third self-titled album, known as Melt, established him as a innovative solo artist, and also revealed his interests in political activism, notably the closing track ‘Biko’. From there, Gabriel went from strength to strength, achieving a deserved commercial breakthrough with So in 1986. Following 1992’s excellent Us, his career has largely plateaued, with only one studio album at the time of writing, 2002’s worthy but flawed Up.

After appearing as quintessentially English in Genesis, Gabriel’s explored world music in his solo career, integrating it successfully into his own sound. His husky voice is a major asset, and even if he’s not a technically impressive musician, he’s a skilled arranger and producer.

I’ve covered all of his studio albums to date, but I’ve skipped over a couple of soundtracks – 1985’s Birdy, which is partly instrumental reworkings of previous songs, and 2002’s Long Walk Home.

Ten Favourite Peter Gabriel Songs

Secret World
San Jacinto
Solsbury Hill
In Your Eyes
A Different Drum
Blood Of Eden
Signal To Noise

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  1. Peter was one of my favorite artists back in the day. His work with Genesis set the hook and his solo work just deepened it. I lost contact on his later work but planning to catch up. His first few solos are some of my favorites. Good artist to feature in CB’s musical world.

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Peter Gabriel 1 Car

Peter Gabriel (Car) – Peter Gabriel

1977, 7/10. No doubt anxious to establish his distinct identity apart from Genesis, Gabriel takes on a bewildering pastiche of styles on his solo debut.

Peter Gabriel 2 Scratch

Peter Gabriel (Scratch) – Peter Gabriel

1978, 6/10. Despite the contributions of King Crimson’s Robert Fripp, this sophomore album tends towards anonymous faceless rock.

Peter Gabriel 3 Melt

Peter Gabriel (Melt) – Peter Gabriel

1980, 9/10. Enlisting hot young producer Steve Lillywhite, Melt still sounds edgy and vital, showing Gabriel’s interests in rhythm and politics.

Peter Gabriel 4 Security

Peter Gabriel (Security) – Peter Gabriel

1982, 8/10. Security is sedate, with half of the songs running past six minutes and dominated by slowly shifting textures.

Peter Gabriel So

Peter Gabriel – So

1986, 8/10. Gabriel followed his former band-mates from Genesis to mainstream success with 1986’s So, with an actual album title and extravagant music videos.


Passion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ – Peter Gabriel

1989, 8/1. The soundtrack to Scorcese’s The Last Temptation Of Christ is an essential entry in Peter Gabriel’s discography.

Peter Gabriel Shaking The Tree Sixteen Golden Greats

Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats – Peter Gabriel

Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats (1990), not rated Gabriel’s an album artist, and you should grab the original albums, … Continue Reading Shaking The Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats – Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Us

Us – Peter Gabriel

1992, 8.5/10. . Us is Gabriel’s divorce album, so there’s a strong emotional undercurrent; there’s an inherent pain and loneliness to ‘Come Talk to Me’.

Peter Gabriel Ovo

Ovo – Peter Gabriel

Ovo (2000), not yet rated Collating this page has made me realise that this is the major gap in my … Continue Reading Ovo – Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel Up

Up – Peter Gabriel

2002, 6.5/10. On his 21st century studio albums, it feels like Gabriel’s allowed his perfectionist tendencies overwhelm him.

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