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Genesis Foxtrot

Genesis Reviews

In the mid 1980s, Genesis and its spin-off projects – Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, and Mike and the Mechanics – were enjoying hit singles galore, with hits like ‘Sledgehammer’, ‘The Living Years’, ‘Invisible Touch’, and ‘Sussudio’. But before their mid 1980’s chart dominance Genesis produced some great music in the 1970s, with their very English blend of progressive rock, 12 string guitar folk, and densely humorous lyrics.

Genesis were formed at Charterhouse School by keyboardist Tony Banks, bassist Mike Rutherford, and vocalist/flautist Peter Gabriel, while drummer Phil Collins and guitarist Steve Hackett joined in the early 1970s to complete the classic quintet. They produced a sequence of sublime albums, particularly from 1972’s Foxtrot through to 1976’s A Trick of the Tail. 1974’s The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway was the last Genesis album to feature Gabriel, whose was inspired to go solo after attending a Bruce Springsteen concert, and Collins took over on lead vocals.

The group do have some weaknesses – compared to other progressive rock acts from the era like Yes and King Crimson, they’re short on instrumental firepower, although Phil Collins is a very strong drummer. But their material is often very pretty, and they’re often shooting for beauty rather than virtuosity. Gabriel is a much stronger lyricist than the other members of the group, and his witty lyrics make the others’ efforts look generic in comparison.

Steve Hackett left the group in 1977, and I haven’t covered any of their subsequent albums after they became a three piece – I have covered Gabriel’s solo career on a separate page, and I’ve recently been enjoying Hackett’s solo career. I do recommend 1983’s Genesis as a consistent pop album. Genesis were generally talented at writing memorable tunes, and this served them well throughout their career.

Ten Favourite Genesis Songs
Supper’s Ready
Lilywhite Lilith
The Cinema Show
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
The Carpet Crawlers
The Lamia
Can-Utility and the Coastliners
Dance on a Volcano
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

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  1. Good overview. The tale of two bands (similar to Fleetwood Mac and others). I was listening to these guys a lot when Gabriel was in the band. I was forgiving of whatever weaknesses there were. There was so much that my teenage brain liked. I’ll go through the albums so bear with me. I can’t pass them over.

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Genesis From Genesis to Revelation

From Genesis to Revelation – Genesis

1969, 6/10. Genesis sound like teenagers on the orchestral pop of From Genesis To Revelation, awkward and yet to establish their own distinct identity

Genesis Trespass

Trespass – Genesis

1970, 6/10. Trespass is a large step below the albums that follow it but it’s very much cut from the same cloth.

Genesis Nursery Cryme

Nursery Cryme – Genesis

1971, 7.5/10. Start with Nursery Cryme and work your way through Genesis’ following four albums.

Genesis Foxtrot

Foxtrot – Genesis

1972, 9.5/10. Genesis made other great albums subsequently, but they never bettered ‘Supper’s Ready’ or Foxtrot.

Genesis Selling England by the Pound

Selling England by the Pound – Genesis

1973, 8.5/10. Selling England By The Pound is a continuation of the confident Genesis from Foxtrot.


The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway – Genesis

1974, 9/10. Reflecting the metropolitan setting, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway has a less pastoral feel than Genesis’ previous releases.

Genesis A Trick of the Tail

A Trick Of The Tail – Genesis

1976, 8.5/10. Despite the absence of Gabriel, A Trick Of The Tail is still one of Genesis’ strongest albums.


Wind and Wuthering – Genesis

1976, 6/10. Wind and Wuthering still sounds like progressive Genesis, but it’s not as captivating as their best work.

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